Get Green Music

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake

Music super star Justin Timberlake, has taken going green to the next level by creating the first Eco-friendly golf course in the United States.  Justin Timberlake revealed that a trip to Africa sparked his awareness of the negative effects of his actions on the environment.  Timberlake’s trip to Africa opened his eyes to the fact that his touring and the resulting airplane flights and tour buses were creating a huge amount of pollution.  As a result Justin Timberlake vowed to be more eco-friendly. 

In 2008 it was announced that the golf course where avid golfer, Justin Timberlake’s father introduced him to the game, was closing and up for auction.  The Memphis Tennessee course was most likely going to be auctioned off to a developer.  Fortunately, Timberlake jumped on the opportunity to save the golf course and to combine his newfound passion for helping the environment with his long time love of Golf.  Timberlake purchased the 303 acres of land and is currently building a “green course” to Platinum LEED certified building standards.

On top of creating an eco-friendly golf course, Justin Timberlake has also committed to educating people about being eco-friendly.  The eco-friendly golf course, which Timberlake has named Miramichi Lakes, will feature a renewable energy field and eco-friendly and educational walking trail.  In addition Timberlake will build a seating area for the public to be educated about being eco-friendly and how to responsibly use natural resources and energy.  

Obviously most people cannot create an eco-friendly, green golf course like Justin Timberlake.  But Timberlake came up with this idea by doing something that everyone can do, combining helping the environment and being green with an activity that he loves.  What simple steps can you take to make your favorite activity more eco-friendly?  How about utilizing to combine your love of music and being eco-friendly.



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